Amy Smith

Black and White

b. 1975 – Son 2002, Daughter 2004

Growing up in a rural community Amy absorbed the quietness of her environment. She makes work reminiscent of small towns dotting the landscape, amid miles of corn, beans, and winter wheat, grown on flat land under a low wide sky. These spatial elements resonate with the artist squareand inform her design decisions. Amy includes a gentle rise and fall to account for the occasional undulation in her innate surroundings.

Her formal education includes a BFA from Ohio University, Athens, Ohio and a MFA from University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Lincoln Nebraska.

Smith exhibits her work nationally. She was recently invited to participate in Pottery by Design at The Clay Studio, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Pottery by Design was part of a trio of exhibitions specifically crafted for DesignPhiladelphia 2014. The Clay Studio’s design-focused exhibitions showcased both the depth and breadth of design in contemporary ceramics.

The artist resides in Lincoln, Nebraska and teaches Adjunct at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

To listen to Amy’s interview click here.