Over the past few years, Kate Fisher has been surveying, interviewing and documenting a cross section of ceramic artists who are also mothers. In an effort to examine how children, or the circumstances of their lives as they include them, change and impact the work that these artists choose to make and/or how they make it. Her questions have covered studio practice, time management, life balance, home, relationships, child care, and aesthetics. Fisher also asked each interviewee who they view as artist/mother role models. The hope it that this dialogue will continue and additional women will also be part of this project. Future Artist/Mother interviews will be archived under this section.

Alicia Mack – Interviewed on October 2, 2013

Alicia IMG_2291BBB Alicia Mack Interview Transcript
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Amy Smith – Interviewed on October 6, 2013

Black and White squareAmy Smith Interview Transcript
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Molly Hatch – Interviewed on October 27, 2013

untitled-239-2Dresden2Molly Hatch Interview Transcript
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Mikey Walsh – Interviewed on November 14, 2013

Walsh_Michaelene(1) copyM-Walsh06.

Mikey Walsh Interview Transcript
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Jennifer Allen – Interviewed on November 17, 2013

jennifer allen headshot Allen_Jennifer_PitcherJennifer Allen Interview Transcript
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Jess Parker – Interviewed on December 11, 2013


Jess Parker Interview Transcript
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Summer Zickefoose – Interviewed on January 11, 2014

b&wheadshotdeer piece1

Summer Zickefoose Interview Transcript
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Rhonda Willers – Interviewed on January 24, 2014

willers_rhonda_headshot1a_willers_rhonda_restRhonda Willers Interview Transcript
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Erin Furimsky – Interviewed on January 28, 2014

Headshot.Erin.1 RepositionErin Furimsky Interview Transcript
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Kristin Pavelka – Interviewed on January 29, 2014

IMAG5028square scallop garden Kristin Pavelka Interview Transcript
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Kate Fisher – Interviewed (by Rhonda Willers) on April 19, 2015

KFHeadShot2 TubeSleeveTumblersLL Kate Fisher Interview Transcript
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