July 2018 – The Mother of All Confessions

The Stats

Name: Kate Fisher with Collaborators Shira Richter and Rhonda Willers
Current Location: St Louis Park, MN
Children: Yes, Yes, Yes
Website address(es): Art To Change The World Event, Kate Fisher, Shira Richter, Rhonda Willers

What is the Mother of All Confessions? Where did it come from? When can I participate?

Rhonda Willers

In short, The Mother of All Confessions is an open confessional booth for discussions surrounding maternity and parenting.

Over the past year or more I have had this idea rolling around in my head. It has taken on a many varied hypothetical forms. The bottom line is a desire to see the Both Artist and Mother project expand beyond a website, exhibitions, and interviews. What if it could also become a physical and interactive work of art?

I pitched my idea to collaborator and fellow clay artist Rhonda Willers. She and I crafted the language and sketched designs for the Mother of all Confessions. Simultaneously, I was looking for a venue to test a prototype of the confessional booth. I will use the information I gather during my panel discussion with Shira Richter, on being both artist and mother, at the Art to Change the World’s (ACW) See. Say. DO event in Minneapolis (October 4-14, artist/mother panel presentation Wednesday October 10 from 7-9pm). And fingers crossed one of those proposals out there that Rhonda and I signed our names to comes to fruition in the near future.

Shira Richter

The Mother of All Confessions is an open invitation to a crowd-sourced piece that actively investigates the concept of maternity. The artwork and conversations will grow and morph in relation to the participants’ contributions.

This interactive work will take the form of a modular “confessional” booth. Participants will engage in dialogues about the conceptions, struggles, and future of artist/mothers. The confessional structure encourages two beings to occupy a shared space; much like the way maternity requires that women share their spaces, both internally and externally. This piece will also address one of the last conceptual taboos in art: maternity.

How can I participate in this dialogue?

Sketch of the Booth by Rhonda Willers

What’s YOUR story? is the question we are asking artist mothers. Shira and I hope to develop a conversation before and during the ACW event. To prepare we have a selection of questions you can answer. Your input is greatly appreciated and we are happy to credit your words or all your answers remain anonymous. Come share your story and contribute to an ongoing and developing conversation about maternity and art. Just click on the link below.
Mother of All Confessions – Conversation Starter

Are you a Mother/artist? Do you live in the Twin Cities? do you want to participate by being a mom in the confessional booth during future events? if so please email Kate Fisher at bothartistandmother@gmail.com